Transkop Bitola (Транскоп Битола) - Bus company

Transkop Bitola is passenger Traffic Company located in Bitola and is the largest passenger company in the south part of Macedonia.

Located near the Train Station in Bitola, it serves bus lines to every city in Macedonia, and trough Sofia, Belgrade and Vienna lines it covers whole Europe.

Transkop Bitola - Passenger Traffic Company
Address: Zeleznicka bb
7000 Bitola, Republic of Macedonia
Contact phones:
Office: +389 (0) 47 231 192
Intercity bus station (Megjugradska, Меѓуградска): 047 231 420   /    076 436 555
Suburban bus station (Приградска): 047 231 423   /   076 436 533
Demir Hisar Bus Station: 047 276 241
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Departure (Поаѓање): Bitola
Full timetable  (Возен ред)


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