Macedonia has a well-developed railroad system connected to Kosovo via Volkovo in the northwest, to Serbia via Tabanovci in the north and to Greece via Gevgelija in the southeast.

The main station in Macedonia is Skopje train station.
All domestic lines are operated by Macedonian Railways, with links from Skopje to Tetovo, Gostivar and Kicevo in the west, to Volkovo in the northwest, to Kumanovo and Tabanovci in the north, to Sveti Nikole, Štip, and Kocani in the east, to Veles, Negotino and Gevgelija in the south - southeast and to Bogomila, Prilep and Bitola in the southwest.
The main north - south line from Niš in Serbia to the port of Thessaloniki in Greece on the Aegean Sea (Corridor X), passes through Kumanovo, Skopje, Zelenikovo, Veles, Negotino, Demir Kapija, Miravci and Gevgelija.
Intercity trains link Kumanovo, Skopje, Zelenikovo, Veles, Negotino (Kavadarci), Demir Kapija, Miravci (Valandovo) and Gevgelija (Bogdanci) with Serbian Railways and Greek railways.
Connections to Bulgarian State Railways are via Niš in Serbia and via Thessaloniki in Greece.
Intercity trains link Skopje with Kosovo Railways.
In 2010, Makedonski Železnici joined Cargo 10, a joint venture with other railways in the region.

Timetable for trains and buses in Macedonia>>>

Macedonian Railways Transport AD - SKOPJE
1000 Skopje . "Treta Makedonska Brigada" bb
Train Stations in Macedonia:
Skopje train station: (+389 02) 3164 255 and 2449 391;
Veles train station: +389 43 231 033 ext: 331;
Prilep train station: +389 48 412 660;
Bitola train station: +389 47 237 110;
Stip train station: +389 32 392 904;
Kocani train station: +389 33 274 075;
Kumanovo train station: +389 31 421 707;
Tetovo train station: +389 44 336 660;
Gevgelija train station: +389 34 212 033 ext: 309;
Gostivar train station: +389 42 213 440;

Cargo traffic information
Phone: +389 2 3248 738
Fax: +389 2 3248 743
Passenger traffic information
Phone: +389 2 2449 771
Fax: + 389 2 3248-719


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