“Tikveski grozdober”( Тиквешки гроздобер) or “ Kavadarecki grozdober” (Кавадаречки гроздобер) the grape carnival in city of Kavadarci represents a continuation of a long and  rich tradition in this region, which exsists since the time of ancient Macedonia , when in honor of Dionysus, the God of wine, were held "Dionysius days".

These festivities lasted several days and were attended by the entire population (both free people and slaves ) .
Ancient Macedonians with great skill and love cherished and cultivated  this culture as witnessed by the many grave stele , reliefs and mosaics of archeological sites in Tikvesh region . Viticulture in the Middle Ages continued to be nurtured in this region , and its main centers were church and monastery properties , which had prepared the best wine . With the invasion of Turks stagnated  its production , because the Koran  prohibited the use of alcoholic beverages .




Municipal leadership in Kavadarci in 1964 organized the first "Tikveski Grozdober " event which has economic , cultural and tourist character.


Tikveshki Grozdober today
This event is held every year in the middle of September . Each year are elected  representatives of grapes : King , Queen and their escorts. Participants to the carnival procession are mostly kids from Kavadarci schools . The parade every year is enriched by guests: ensembles from around the world .
The city of Kavadarci today, is the best known and largest producer of grapes and wine in Republic of Macedonia and one of the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula .


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