t. Joakim Osogovski Kriva Palanka

Monastery Joakim Osogovski on the slopes of the Osogovo mountain, exsisted on this location since XI century - a time when Joakim Osogovski lived.

Today there are no traces of the original monastery, but on this place monastery church was built which exists untill modern times.

Location: 1330 Kriva Palanka
Contact phone: +389 31 375 063

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The hagiography of Joakim Osogovski says that during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Manojlo Comnenus (1143-1180), a priest Theodore from village Osmir-Dol, Ovco Pole, remaining a widower, became a monk and founded a monastery in the vicinity of today's monastery Joakim Osogovski, devoting this monastery to Joakim.

Monastery was called Sarandopor and it was named after the name of the locality where the monastery was built.
In the historical chronicles for the first time the monastery is mentioned in connection with the visit of Tsar Kaloyan (1196-1207) while in Karlovac Chronicle in 1503 it is said the monastery was built by the King Milutin. This is not true and probably, they ment to say the monastery was repaired.

Monks from Joakim Osogovski were forced to go even in Dubrovnik to require from Dubrovnik Republic material assistance for the maintenance of the monastery which was depleted. A century later, in 1586, the monastery strongly suffered from earthquake. Because of the damages, monks were not able to renew it, so the Kjustendil (Kyustendil) metropolitan Visarion decided to go to Moscow for help.
After the rebuilding, in the middle of the seventeenth century (1643), this monastery was in its bloom.

When in 1686 Archbishop Arsenie III from Veles came here, he was enthralled by the richness and beauty of the monastery, and he wrote down all the items and cursed those who will reach for its property.
The bloom period of the monastery did not last more than a century. Towards the middle of the eighteenth century, the monastery was again in very bad position and its renewal was obstructed by the Turkish authorities.
On initiative by Hadji Stefan Beglikchijata in 1847 year began the construction of the great cathedral dedicated to St. Joakim Osogovski.

In the year 1851 it was completed and consecrated. The construction was entrusted to the master Andrej Damjanov (1817-1878), originally from yield Renzovci the most famous builder in the Balkans since the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Damjanov incorporated the extraordinary understanding of the complex processes of construction and design.

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