Heraclea is mentioned by most of the ancient writers: Polybius, Strabo, Caesar and others.,  in all itinerariums (Itinerarium Antonini and others.) in Tabula Peutingeriana as station on the road Heraclea - Stobi.

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Heraclea is mentioned in historical sources as a city that was established by Philip II of Macedon, around the middle of the IV century BC. In its intention to extend the Macedonian state, Philip II in the border areas erected fortified cities, which served as the cornerstone of war and cultural expansion.

heraclea lyncestis bitola macedonia

Two centuries later, exactly in year 168 BC, Heraclea falls under the authority of the Roman Empire.

Heraclea during Roman rule has developed as the center of the fertile province and place of junction of Via Egnatia with the road that led from north – Stobi, across Stibera. 
Significant economic boom, Heraclea experienced especially in the beginning of the second century to the middle of the III century AD, during the joint rule of Septimie Sever and Caracalla, when it bears the name Heraclea Septimia Aurelio.
According to an honorary inscription, found in the ancient settlement, Heraclea was governed on Greek-Macedonian way.
In the early Byzantine time Heraclea became the seat of a bishopric, and center place of the new Christian faith.

heraclea panorama with two rainbows

Theater - Heraclea Lyncestis, ancient city near Bitola

Small Basilika - Heraclea Lyncestis, ancient city near Bitola

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