Valandovo Macedonia

Valandovo is city located in the South East part of Republic of Macedonia, with population of 4.402 (2002).


Where is Valandovo:
South East Macedonia
331 km2
110 - 150 m (360 – 492 ft)
Changing Mediterranean
Dialing code:
+389 34
Postal code:
Time Zone:
CET (UTC+1)/
Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
Celebration day:
November 6th
41°19′1″N 22°33′40″E

Municipality of Valandovo
Address: Ivo Lola Ribar bb, 2460 Valandovo
Phone: +389 34 382 007
Fax: +389 34 382 044

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It is located on the North end of Gevgeli - Valandovo basin, beneath the Plavus mountain on elevation between 110 and 150 meters.
Valandovo covers an area of 120 ha and west from the city passes the national road M-1. Also, trough the rail station in village Miravce, Valandovo is connected on the rail line Skopje – Gevgelija – Thessaloniki.
Valandovo has changing Mediterranean climate with average year air temperature of 14.2 C (57.56 F).
The discovered Roman mosaics on several areas in the city bring us to the conclusion that in this area in Roman time a settlement existed.
As Slav settlement for first time is mentioned in 1349 and the city was named Avalandovo.




One of the most famous events in Republic of Macedonia “Folk Fest Valandovo” is held every year in this city.
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