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Since 1900 to 1931 the population in Veles was in constant decline, and then starts to grow. This growth is retained until 1991, from when the number of its population stagnates.
In 2002 in Veles lived 43,716 inhabitants. Of these, 40,269 people or 92.2% were Macedonian, 1.694 or 3.9% Turks, 799 Roma, or 1.8%, 340 or 0.8% Vlachs, 297 or 0.7% Serbs, 91 or 0.2% Albanians. 36 people declared themselves Bosniaks and 190 as others.
 Veles is the administrative center of the Municipality of Veles, which covers an area of 42,745 ha, with 29 settlements and 55,108 inhabitants. The favorable traffic position enabled Veles in the second half of the last century to develop into significant economic, cultural and educational center.
Among more important industrial buildings can be mentioned the textile factory "Noncha Kamishova" and "Veteks", lead and zinc smelter "Zletovo" porcelain factory "Boris Kidric" factory for bricks and tiles "Kiro Chuchuk" fertilizer factory "Veles" in the village. Zgropolci fur  factory "Dimko Mitrev" factory for steel trailers, "Brothers Koshulchevi" factory for wagon repair "Veles" oil factory "Blagoj Gjorev" lime plant and more other small industrial enterprises.
Among the most important cultural and historical monuments in Veles, we can mention the churches "St. Demetrius and St. Nicholas built in the XIV century, the Clock Tower in the city center, Memorial monument on the left side of Vardar River in which a museum is housed.
From Veles originates one of the greatest Macedonian poets from the first half of XX century, Kosta Racin. His native house is converted into a museum. Veles also is the birthplace of the revivalist Jordan Hadzi Konstantinov – Dzinot (Giant), Vasil Glavinov, Thessalonica Assassins (ie Gemidzhii).
The city has a gymnasium, chemical high school, a couple of eight-year schools, dome of culture, theater, cinema, museum, local radio station, seismological station and medical center with multiple departments.

Veles facts


Where is Veles:
Vardar Region, Central Macedonia
42,745 ha
155 – 270 m (508 – 885 ft)
55 .108
Changing Mediterranean
Dialing code:
+389 43
Postal code:
Time Zone:
Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
Celebration day:
November 9th
41°43′12″N 21°47′36″E

Municipality of Veles
Panko Brasnarov 1, 1400 Veles
Phone: +389 43 232 406
Fax: +389 43 232 966
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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