33 meter cross near Krusevo

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At an altitude of 1,650 meters, just above the monastery “Holy Transfiguration” (Свето Преображение) on 7 km from Krusevo,

the monastery cross is located, as one kind of memorial to the Macedonian pop icon Toshe Proeski (Тоше Проески), who tragically died in a car accident on Oct 16, 2007.
The cross is made of steel, weighing 24 tons and is 33 meters high, which symbolically marks the years of Jesus Christ.

Donor of this project is the businessman Minco Yordanov (Минчо Јорданов), owner of the company “Fakom”, and was it implemented under the auspices of the “Toshe Proeski” foundation.
The Cross is located in the area Vrshnik, to it leads an asphalt road, and if the weather is nice with great visibility, according to some, one third from the territory of today’s Macedonia can be seen from this place.

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