What to visit in Macedonia. The list presented here is not complete and is constantly updated with new entries so don’t forget to visit us again.


Krusevo Lake (Крушевско Езеро)

Krusevo Lake also called Gumenje ...
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Tose Proeski Memorial House in Krusevo

The Memorial House of Macedonia's ...
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Makedonium Krushevo

Makedonium – Ilinden Monument in Krusevo

The monument Ilinden (Илинден) also ...
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Museum in Resen – Archaeological-historical collections

Local archaeological and historical museum ...
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globocica-lake 1

Globochica Lake (Глобочица)

Globochica (Глобочица) is artificial lake ...
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Kostoperska Karpa (Rock) near Staro Nagorichane

Kostoperska Karpa archaeological site near Kumanovo

Kostoperska Karpa (Bone Washing Rock, ...
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Stobi Archaeological Site

Stobi (Стоби) – archaeological site

Stobi (Стоби, Στο'βοι,) is an ...
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Tumba Madzari – archaeological site in Skopje

Tumba Madzari (Тумба Маџари) is ...
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Cebren (Чебрен) – Monastery complex in Mariovo

Cebren (Чебрен, Chebren) monastery complex ...
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St. Mary – Monastery in Novaci

The monastery dedicated to St ...
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bitola muzej postavka

Bitola Museum (Музеј Битола)

Bitola museum is among the ...
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Brajcino village Prespa region, Macedonia

Brajcino (Брајчино) – village at the foot of Baba Mountain, near Prespa Lake

Village Brajcino (Brajčino, Macedonian: Брајчино) ...
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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - Bitola Museum, Macedonia

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk memorial room in Bitola

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk memorial room ...
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Building of Stopanska Banka Bitola

The building in which today ...
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