On the outskirts of Skopje, near Skopje – Kacanik road, is the old aqueduct, built of stone and brick with 55 arches which stand on massive pillars.

The Aqueduct in Skopje was 12 km long, starting near the village Gluvo, west from Gradishte village Brazda and Gorno Orizari, between Vizbegovo and Suto Orizari, on the eastern slope of the hill at today barracks “Ilinden” along Dizhonska street, and toward the eastern foot of the Skopsko Kale.
About dating of Aqueduct are expressed more opinions. According to some it is Roman and other say it is Byzantine construction. However, recent studies of this object-based on  literary data sources and stylistic features of the building, definitely solved this problem, dating the Aquaduct with high reliability during the sixteenth century, or in the Ottoman period, when the in city of Skopje were built many mosques and baths which needed a large amounts of water.