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Skupi, Archaeological site near Skopje

Skupi the ancient settlement is located between the villages Zlokukani and Bardovci in Skopje Municipality.

According to historical data, Skupi initially was located in Peon area was capital of the Illyrian Dardania.

During Roman rule, Skupi becomes an important point of interest for their goals of conquest and cultural penetration to the Balkans.

In the Augustine period, the Via Egnatia road linked Skupi with the Adriatic. Near Skupi passed a road that led to Nis and Thessaloniki through Stobi.

In the year 378 in Skupi resides Theodosius. Hence he commanded the operations against the Goths.

In year 518 the city was completely destroyed by an earthquake. It was built again and in year 596 city Skupi was completely destroyed by the Avars.

From the Roman period, today in Skupi are preserved several buildings.

The Theatre in Skupi belonged to the type of Roman theaters, unlike the one in Stobi built-in Greek way. Judging by the architectural fragments and decorations, the theater was very beautiful and luxuriously decorated.