Asik Celebi Turbe in Skopje

On hill Gazi Baba in Skopje is raised lonely turbe, in which was buried Asik Celebi (Gazi Baba, Mehmed Ali El Nata).

According to traveler writer Evliya Çelebi, Asik Celebi was a famous Turkish poet, who in his capacity as qadi spent the rest of his life in Skopje, where he died in 1571/2.
The Gazi Baba Turbe is closed octagonal building with arch. It is built of brick, and its exterior is plastered.
During the 1963 earthquake the object is severly damaged, and during the time the turbe is completely ruined and only few remains can be seen today.
Yet, for some this location today represents a holy and mystical place and recently a project was planed for reconstruction of the turbe.


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