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Big Lake - Pelister, National Park near Bitola, Macedonia

Baba Mountain (Pelister) – Macedonian mountains

Baba Mountain is located in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia, west of Bitola. It is also often called “Pelister” by the name of its highest peak (2.601 m). Due to its natural beauties, the scientific and historical significance of the forests and landscapes, in 1948, one part of it, with an area of 12,500 hectares was declared a national park – Pelister.
Approximately 65% of the mountain massif of Baba is on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, while 35% on the territory of Greece.

Shiroka - Baba_Mountain_Macedonia_01
Baba has a direction of stretching from north to south, and has a symmetrical appearance equally distant from both the Prespa Valley and Pelagonia.
Baba Mountain has 24 peaks higher than 2000 meters, some of which are: Pelister (2,601 m), Ilinden (2,542 m), Stiv (2,468 m), Veternica (2,420 m), Muza (2,351 m), Rzana / Bojadjiev Vrv (2,334 m), Shiroka (2,218 m), Griva (2,193 m), Kozji Kamen (2,182 m), Visoka Chuka (2,182 m) and others.
There are two mountain lakes on the Baba Mountain – “Golemo” (Big) and “Malo” (Small) lake, which are also known as the “Pelister Eyes”.

Small Lake on Pelister

On the Baba Mountain there is a specific presence of the five needle pine tree – “Molika” (Pinus peuce), which is an indigenous relic that grows only on several mountains in the Balkan Peninsula. In the high mountain part several endemic plants can be found: Crocus peristericus, Dianthus myrtinervius, Sempervivum octopodes, Alchemilla pelisterica and others.
From the animal world, several animals can be seen such as: bears, deers, lynx, wild boar, golden eagle and others. Of the fish, the presence of the endemic Pelister trout (Salmo trutta peristericus) is also significant.

Within the National Park Pelister, on the road leading to Hotel Molika is located the Pelister Info center which has very interesting museum where several of these spеcies can be seen.

Sv Spas  - Malovishte
Baba Mountain has particularly suitable conditions for the development of winter and summer mountain tourism. Within operate the ski centers of “Kopanki” and “Nizopole” and there are also a number of marked mountain and biking trails.

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