Batko Gjorgija (Батко Ѓорѓија) monument, Nova Jugoslavija Square, Kumanovo

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Batko Gjorgija (Батко Ѓорѓија) was an urban character, a synonym of Kumanovo city, through which the positive spirit and the specific character of the citizens of Kumanovo are reflected.

The monument of Batko Gjorgija is located in the center of Kumanovo, in front of the Craft House on the Nova Jugoslavija (New Yugoslavia) square.

Nova Jugoslavija Square
Nova Jugoslavija Square, Kumanovo

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The monument was set in 2006 and is the work of the academic sculptor Ruse Andonovski (Русе Андоновски).

One of the most famous songs from Kumanovo is about Batko Gjorgija.


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