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Bezisten (Covered Bazaar) in Bitola

The preserved records from Bitola, pertaining to the period from the XVI-XIX century, mention many public buildings characteristic of Turkish construction, including the covered bazaar “Bezisten – Bedesten” with its 86 stores.

Built in XV century, this covered bazaar is a donation of Begler-Bey of Rumelia, the Grand Vizier, and the famous donor Kodzha Daut Pasha Uzuncarsili.

Due to frequent robbery and looting at the time, it was given special attention in the construction of the covered market and was quite solid material was used.

Although often robbed and burnt Bezisten served as a kind of vault, where the money from taxes of Rumeli Province was kept.

Until the end of World War II, is serves as a covered bazaar, where various goods and fabrics were sold.


Bezisten and the surrounding shops during 1960s



Bezisten in 1975, before its reconstruction



Bezisten in 1975, before its reconstruction

Today Bezisten is an active commercial facility (closed bazaar), in which exist many modern equipped shops that sell various goods.


Bezisten - Bitola, Macedonia


Bezisten - Bitola, Macedonia


Bezisten - Bitola, Macedonia