Bike Tour – Matka Canyon Skopje

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Bike Tour – Matka Canyon Skopje starts at the designated place and we ride along back alleys so we can avoid heavy traffic.

We pass the settlement Kožle and get to village Dolno Nerezi, just at the West edge of Skopje. From there we ride on a local village road, on the right side of Treska River, and pass the fields and houses of the villages Krušopek, Grčec and Šiševo.
From Šiševo on we move to a small dirt road going just along the Treska River. At moments the road gets very narrow due to the forest overgrowth, so we have to be careful not to get scratched or get stuck on a branch.
After this short adventure through the bushes, we get to the Canyon Matka. We cross a bridge and get on the main road. There we stop to see the Monastery of Holy Mother of God, a 14th century church and monastery.
Then we continue to ride to the dam, and the Matka accumulation lake. We end at the church of St. Andreja, and the accumulation lake Matka.
There, at the lake, there is a restaurant where we can sit and have a break. From that point, there are walking paths and boat tours at availability if you want to go.

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  • Restaurants are at availability at the destination point.
  • The route passes a narrow dirt path with a lot of bushes. Long pants and sleeves are advised.


  • Option for a meal at a restaurant on Matka. Expense not included. Duration will increase for 1 hour.
  • Option to take only asphalt road, but this will involve a steep hill at village Glumovo and riding with frequent traffic.
  • Option to take a tour to the cave Vrelo, with a boat. Cave tour expense not included. Duration will increase for 1 hour.
  • Option to make a hike to one of the surrounding monasteries or hiking paths. Duration will increase for 1 to 2 hours.

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