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Bistra Mountain (Бистра Планина)

Bistra is high mountain in western part of Macedonia. It belongs to the western Macedonian mountains, and rises between Kicevo valley to the east, the deep valley of Radika Mavrovo River from west.

Famous for its pastures, within Bistra is located large ski resort, and because it borders with Lake Mavrovo, larger part of the Bistra mountain belongs to the National Park “Mavrovo”.

With clearly expressed morph structure, Bistra mountain covers an area of 572.8 km ² with eight peaks over 2,000 m. The highest peak is Medenica (2163 m), and prominent still: Trebishka Rupa (2154 m), Kjurkov Dol (2111 m), Govedarnik (2018 m) and others.

Bistra mountain has complex geo-tectonic structure. In the lower part are appearing old Paleozoic shale, and the highest part is covered with limestone with a thickness of 400 m. The clear limestone had allowed intensive karstification and appearance of almost all surface and underground karst forms.  On separate places, such as Suvo Pole and Sultanica are developed depressions, often up to 50 on 1 km ², so that relief gets look of pockmarked karst.

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