Busheva Mountain – Macedonian Mountains

Paragliding - Busheva mountain

Busheva (Бушева планина) is a mountain with medium height near the town Krushevo, with Musica (Stara Musica) (1788 m.) as its highest peak. Other famous peaks are Kozjak (1762 m.), Blato (1592 m.), Kula (1437 m.), Meckin Kamen (1454 m.), Ploca ( 1293 m) and others.

On Busheva Mountain, prevail the deciduous forests, and on some places there are also coniferous trees.
Its natural beauties and above all the large number of cultural and historical landmarks in the city of Krusevo and its surroundings are of exceptional importance for the development of tourism on Busheva mountain.

The developed ski center of Krushevo with a cable car that starts from the city and with two ski lifts make Busheva mountain one of the most visited locations in Macedonia during the winter period.

In summer, Busheva mountain and Krushevo are best known for paragliding and the mountain terrains are also used for mountaineering, cycling, riding horses, etc.

Meckin Kamen Monument near Krushevo

Meckin Kamen Monument near Krushevo

Especially interesting are the cultural and historical landmarks such as the Memorial Museum of Tose Proeski, Mechkin Kamen, the monastery of St. Transfiguration, 33 meter cross, monument – Macekedonium, Krushevo lake and others.

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