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Procka Prilep – International Carnival

On the occasion of the Orthodox forgiveness holiday “Procka” (Прочка) in city of Prilep traditionally is held masks carnival.

This is an international carnival with numerous guests from Macedonia and abroad.
“Procka” (Прочка, Forgiveness) is a day in the Orthodox Christianity of mutual forgiveness between believers.

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Information on Prilep

The date of Procka varies, and it depends on the Easter, and always is exactly 7 weeks before Easter. The religious aspect of Forgiveness is one of the manifestations of sincere and self-sacrificing love for one’s neighbor, which should follow the example of the Lord Jesus Christ for unconditional and boundless forgiveness among people.

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On this holiday, the younger seek forgiveness from the older with the words “forgive me” and the older respond “you are forgiven from me and from God”

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The day after “Procka” is called Clean Monday, and since then starts Easter fast.

Forgiveness also marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring holidays.

One of the main elements of Forgiveness is masking and change of clothes.

Updated information on Procka carnival in Prilep you can find on Municipality of Prilep website.

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