Skopje Bicycle Experience

Skopje Bicycle Experience organized by Bicycle Tours & Guides

Bike Tour – Ljubanci Sunset – Skopje

Bike Tour - Ljubanci Sunset starts some hours prior the sunset. During daylight we ride through several of Skopje’s neighbourhoods: Chair, Butel, Radišani.

Bike Tour – Matka Canyon Skopje

Bike Tour - Matka Canyon Skopje starts at the designated place and we ride along back alleys so we can avoid heavy traffic.

Bike Tour – Skopje Roman Aqueduct

Skopje Roman Aqueduct is a short and easy tour that aims only to show one historic landmark of Skopje.

Bike Adventure – Black Peak (Црн Врв) Skopje

Bike Adventure - Black Peak Skopje starts by taking roads with less traffic, slowly making our way due East.

Bike Tour – Vodno Peak Skopje

Bike Tour - Vodno Peak Skopje is demanding in good fit of the rider. We start in Skopje, at an elevation of approximately 252 m.a.s.l., depending where we shall agree to meet.