Ohrid – The Balkan Jerusalem

Ohrid is city in the south western part of the Republic of Macedonia with population 42,033.

Skopje – Macedonia capital city

Skopje - capital of Macedonia and the largest city in the country.

- Skopje city is located in the “Skopje basin” on the two sides of Vardar River, on an elevation between 220 and 400 meters.

Tetovo Macedonia – (Тетово) city in north west Macedonia

Tetovo is city located in North West part of Republic of Macedonia.

Pelince – ASNOM Memorial center

The Pelince Memorial Museum was developed by the project of architect Georgi Konstantinov (Ѓорѓи Константинов) and the monumental mosaic facade is the work of the Macedonian contemporary artists Rubens Korubin (Рубенс Корубин) and Ilija Penushliski (Илија Пенушлиски).