Vevcani Municipality, Macedonia

Vevcani Municipality is located on the west side of Struga valley at the foot of the Jablanica mountain, at an altitude between 800 and 900 m. Vevcani with the regional road is linked to Struga and has 2.433 inhabitants.

Valandovo (Валандово) city, Macedonia

Valandovo is city located in the South East part of Republic of Macedonia, with population of 4.402 (2002).

Bogdanci (Богданци) city, Macedonia

Bogdanci is small city in the South part of Republic of Macedonia with population of 6.011 according to the 2002 census.

Bitola (Битола) city, Macedonia

Bitola is the second-largest city in the Republic of Macedonia, located in the south Eastern part. Placed on both sides of Dragor River in the Pelagonia Plain, beneath the Baba mountain the city occupies 2.245 hectares of area. According to the 2002 census Bitola has a population of 74.550.

Berovo (Берово) city, Macedonia

Berovo is a small city in the East part of the Republic of Macedonia, with a population of 7.002 according to the 2002 census. Located in the Malesevo basin on far north branches of the Malesevo mountains on both sides of Bregalnica River.