Kriva Palanka Old Photos

Old Photos from Kriva Palanka, Republic of Macedonia

Debar Lake Photo Gallery

Photo gallery - Debar Lake, Macedonia

Veles (Велес) – Photo Gallery

Veles city is located in Central Macedonia, in “Mala Veleska kotlina” (Small Veles basin) on both sides on Vardar River. The city covers an area...

Macedonia in 1863 – Photo Collection of Josef Székely

Photo gallery - pictures taken by Viennese photographer Josef Székely during the 1863 Austro-Hungarian expedition to Macedonia, Northern Albania and Kosovo led by Johann Georg von Hahn.

Ljubojno (Љубојно) – a village you will surely “fall in love”...

Ljubojno village is located in the southern part of the Municipality of Resen, about 2 km east of the Prespa Lake, at an altitude of 920 meters, nestled in the bosom of the Baba mountain Baba.

Gostivar Macedonia – Old Photos

Old Photos from Gostivar, Republic of Macedonia

Vevcani Springs – Photo Gallery

The springs in village Vevcani, Republic of Macedonia are monument of nature and ecological zone with a high degree of protection.

Panorama of Ohrid during WW1 (Панорама од Охрид за време на...

Panorama of Ohrid during WW1 (Панорама од Охрид за време на Првата светска војна) Panorama of Ohrid during the First World War. Excerpt from the...

Holy Mary Perybleptos (St. Clement) – Ohrid, Macedonia

The Church Holy Mary Perybleptos in the old part of Ohrid city near the Upper Gate was built before 1295 and is the oldest and most beautiful church in this city.

Church St. Nikola, village Gradesnica, Mariovo – Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of Church St. Nikola, village Gradesnica, Mariovo

Treskavec Мonastery (Манастир Трескавец) near Prilep – photo gallery

Photo gallery - Treskavec Мonastery (Манастир Трескавец) near Prilep

St. Naum (Свети Наум) Monastery on Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

Monastery of Saint Naum is located on a high cliff above the Ohrid lake, in its southernmost point, on one locality with rare natural beauty. The erection of this monastery is connected with the name of Saint Naum, associate to Saint Clement (Kliment).

Shtip Macedonia – Old Photos

Old Photos from Shtip (Штип), Republic of Macedonia

Big Lake on Pelister and Peak Veternik – Photo Gallery

Baba Moutain Photo gallery by Zivko Najdovski

Locations: Big Lake, Veternica Peak

Skopje in 1913 – Photo gallery from Albert Kahn museum

Photo gallery - Old photos from Macedonia in 1913

Skopje Old Photos

Photo gallery - Old Skopje photos, Republic of Macedonia

Saint George church in Kurbinovo, Prespa, Macedonia

Saint George Monastery (Св. Ѓорѓи, Курбиново) located near village Kurbinovo, on the slopes of Pelister Mountain, is one of the least visited, but singularly among the most important monasteries in Macedonia.

Brajcino (Брајчино) – village at the foot of Baba Mountain, near...

Village Brajcino (Brajčino, Macedonian: Брајчино) is located at 4 km from Lake Prespa at the foot of Baba Mountain, adjacent to the National Park Pelister.

Folk Costumes – Mariovo region – old photos gallery

Mariovo is a region located in the central part within the ethnic borders of Macedonia. It occupies the central flow of River Crna (Black) and from all sides is surrounded with spacious mountain ranges:

Resen Macedonia – Old Photos

Old Photos from Resen, Republic of Macedonia

Musa Peak 2350 m on National Park Pelister – Photo Gallery

Musa Peak 2350 m on National Park Pelister - Photo Gallery

St. Nicholas, Varosh, Prilep (Св. Никола, Варош, Прилеп)

The church St. Nicholas (Св. Никола) is located in Varos neighborhood, Prilep, near the church St. Mary. According to some scholars, the church was built in the second half of the XII century, on the remains of the old Slavic settlement.

Skopje earthquake photo gallery

Photo gallery - Skopje earthquake (26.07.1963)

Ethnological museum – village Podmocani, Municipality of Resen

The Ethnological Museum in the village of Podmocani, the Municipality of Resen is owned by the tireless collector Jone Eftimovski and his family. In...

Mariovo Photo Gallery

Mariovo photo gallery - more than 800 photos from Mariovo Region - Republic of Macedonia. The cleanest Eco region in Macedonia