Debar Lake Photo Gallery

Photo gallery - Debar Lake, Macedonia

Macedonian Front (Thessaloniki Front, Salonika Front) and WW1 – Photo Gallery

Photo gallery - Macedonian (Thessaloniki Front, Salonika Front) Front and WW1

Brajcino (Брајчино) – village at the foot of Baba Mountain, near...

Village Brajcino (Brajčino, Macedonian: Брајчино) is located at 4 km from Lake Prespa at the foot of Baba Mountain, adjacent to the National Park Pelister.

Folk Costumes – Mariovo region – old photos gallery

Mariovo is a region located in the central part within the ethnic borders of Macedonia. It occupies the central flow of River Crna (Black) and from all sides is surrounded with spacious mountain ranges:

Resen Macedonia – Old Photos

Old Photos from Resen, Republic of Macedonia

Musa Peak 2350 m on National Park Pelister – Photo Gallery

Musa Peak 2350 m on National Park Pelister - Photo Gallery

St. Nicholas, Varosh, Prilep (Св. Никола, Варош, Прилеп)

The church St. Nicholas (Св. Никола) is located in Varos neighborhood, Prilep, near the church St. Mary. According to some scholars, the church was built in the second half of the XII century, on the remains of the old Slavic settlement.

Skopje earthquake photo gallery

Photo gallery - Skopje earthquake (26.07.1963)

Ethnological museum – village Podmocani, Municipality of Resen

The Ethnological Museum in the village of Podmocani, the Municipality of Resen is owned by the tireless collector Jone Eftimovski and his family. In...

Mariovo Photo Gallery

Mariovo photo gallery - more than 800 photos from Mariovo Region - Republic of Macedonia. The cleanest Eco region in Macedonia

St. George Monastery near Paralovo village, Municipality of Novaci

Near the village Paralovo (Паралово) is one of the most beautiful monasteries in this region - St. George (Св. Ѓорѓи), widely known for its mansions.

St. Archangel Michael, Monastery near village Skochivir, Novaci Municipality

According to the legend St. Archangel Michael monastery was built in 1870 on an initiative of young girl Angja, after she had a dream to spend one night in the nearby place called “Dzajkova chuka”, at the spring which locals believe is holy water.

Strumica Old Photos

Old Photos from Strumica, Republic of Macedonia

Magaro (Магаро) Peak 2254 m – Galichica

Location: Magaro Peak 2254m - Galichica National Park

Date: 06.03.2016

Panorama of Skopje during WW1 (Панорама од Скопје за време на...

Panorama of Skopje during WW1 (Панорама од Скопје за време на Првата светска војна) Panorama of Skopje during the First World War. Excerpt from the...

Old Ohrid – photo gallery

Photo gallery - Old Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia

St. Mary – Kamensko – Dormition of the Mother of God...

The Church Dormition of the Mother of God (Успение на Пресвета Богородица), also known as St. Mary - Kamensko (Света Богородица Каменско) is located...

Holocaust Memorial Center Skopje – Photo Gallery

Photo gallery of Holocaust Memorial Center Skopje

Zovik – village in Mariovo – Photo gallery

Zovik (Зовиќ) also known as the village with the "Stone Bridge" (Movie Bridge) in one of the most beautiful villages in Macedonia, placed 50 km from Bitola in Municipality of Novaci.

Sts. Peter and Paul, Ljubojno, Prespa Region

St. Peter and Paul church is placed on a beautiful plane height surrounded on all sides by beautiful forest near village Ljubojno.On the east side is built in place of a large rock wall.The temple was built in 1923 by the brothers Nichola and Joshe Spasovski.

Tetovo Macedonia – Old Photos

Old Photos from Tetovo, Republic of Macedonia

Magaro Peak 2254 m on Galichica

Galichica - Magaro Peak 2254 m - 10.07.2016
Photo Gallery by Zivko Najdovski

St. Elijah (Sv. Ilija, Св. Илија) Monastery in Melnica, Mariovo

The monastery dedicated to St. Elijah (Св. Илија, Sv. Ilija) in village Melnica, Mariovo was built on the initiative of Stale Cheshelkov from village Polchishte, and with the support of the population from Mariovo.

Ohrid (Охрид) city, Macedonia

Ohrid is a city in the southwestern part of the Republic of Macedonia with a population of 42,033 according to the 2002 census. Located on the northeast on Ohrid lake and hill Plaoshnik, at an altitude between 696 and 797 m. it covers an area of 1230 ha.