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Macedonia Visa information for foreigners interested in obtaining entry visa for the Republic of Macedonia

Macedonian Embassy Abroad

Diplomatic and consular missions THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA ABROAD

Macedonia FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Macedonia

Basic information on Macedonia

Macedonia is located in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula in South East Europe.

Hotels and accommodation in Macedonia

Find the best accommodation and hotels in Macedonia. Click on the links to see the different capacities in the Macedonian cities.

Toll Charges and Sections

Toll charges in Republic of Macedonia, according to different categories of motor vehicles.

Macedonian money

The official Macedonian currency is the Macedonian Denar.

Holidays in Macedonia

Macedonia holidays are grouped in several groups. The national holidays in Macedonia are non-working for all citizens in the country, and some specific holidays from other groups, are non-working only for that specific group.

Learn Macedonian

Learn to speak Macedonian or just some Macedonian phrases.

Invest in Macedonia – Why is smart to Invest in Macedonia

Several years ago the Government of Republic of Macedonia started the project “Invest in Macedonia” in order to attract more foreign investments in Macedonia.

Macedonia Facts

Where is Macedonia: Republic of Macedonia is located in the central part of the Balkan peninsula in South-East Europe. Macedonia is surrounded by land from...

Macedonia – interesting facts about Macedonia

There are many historical and archaeological findings that have confirmed the numerous facts of great importance to the Balkans, Europe and the world originating from Macedonia.




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