Off Road Driving Experience – Jeep Tour Mariovo 2014

Jeep Tour Mariovo 2014 - 4x4 off road driving experience - Video and photo gallery from an annual event which is held every summer in the wild areas of the Mariovo region, Republic of Macedonia.

Ritam i zvuk (Rhythm and sound) 1955

National folk dances performed by "Tanec" folk dancers) from Skopje

Director: Trajce Popov
Writer: Trajce Popov

Galichnik – Documentary Film – Year: 1939-1940

In summer, on St. Peter’s Day, once in a year, men working abroad were coming to their birthplace – Galichnik for a wedding.

Medieval Frescos in Macedonia – Documentary Film – Year: 1957

The film describes the frescos’ wealth and values of the masterpieces in several churches and monasteries in Macedonia.

SKOPJE – Mother Teresa’s Hometown [Video from CNN Channel]

CNN's Nic Robertson takes a look at the city of Skopje in Macedonia and the Mother Teresa museum the center of the city.

OHRID – The Pearl of Europe [Video from CNN Channel]

CNN's Nic Robertson discovers an ancient city of hundreds of churches and monastries. The most beautiful place in the World..

Ohrid Lake – Documentary Film, Year: 1958

Natural beauties of Ohrid Lake, the old town and the bazaar in Ohrid with the old architecture and archeology escavations.

Butterfly – Videos from Macedonia

Macedonian jewelery is well known for its quality. In the video blue filigree butterfly from the beginning of the twentieth century is presented.

Skopje 2014 – Videos from Macedonia

Skopje, the capital of Macedonia has significantly changed its appearance in recent years. The video presents the Skopje 2014 project.

Beauty and pride – Videos from Macedonia

Although a small country, Macedonia is rich in natural resources and cultural heritage. Discover at least a small part of them.

Macedonia – Wines – Videos from Macedonia

Macedonia has a millennium long tradition in making the highest quality wines awarded with numerous international awards. Discover some of them.

Macedonia Timeless – Food – Videos from Macedonia

Taste the famous traditional Macedonian dishes, or learn at least for some of them through this promotional video.

Macedonia Timeless – Ohrid – Videos from Macedonia

Ohrid on Ohrid lake is the most famous travel destination in Republic of Macedonia. Enjoy the video Ohrid City of Lights.

Macedonia Temples – Videos from Macedonia

One of Europe's oldest and most valuable places of worship are located in Macedonia. Discover some of them.

Archeology – Videos from Macedonia

Almost every meter in Macedonia can be associated with somekind of an important historic event or site. Enjoy the video Macedonian Archeology.

Mountains – Videos from Macedonia

Discover the beautiful and wild mountains in Republic of Macedonia. Enjoy the beautiful video Macedonian Mountains.

Macedonia Timeless – Videos from Macedonia

First of the series of promotional videos for Macedonia – Macedonia Timeless.



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