Cave Churches of St. Erazmo (Св. Еразмо) and St. Katherine (Св. Екатерина) near Ohrid

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St. Erazmo church is located on the OhridStruga road, 2km away from Ohrid city. The church is located in a small built-up cavity on a steep cliff just above an early Christian basilica, dedicated to St. Erazmo from Lychnidos whose name is linked to the Christianization of the local population in the III century.

The oldest frescoes in the church are dating from the last decades of the XIII cent. The monumental figure of a Вуzantine emperor and the image of the patron of the church – St. Erazmo were painted in the first phase.

The frescoes of St. Mary, the representations of Holy Warriors, Sts. Constantine and Helena and others belong to the later phase.

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sv erazmo ohrid 04

On the hill above the Church of St. Erazmo, 200 meters along a narrow cemented road the Cave church St. Katherine (Св. Екатерина) is located, where also you will be amazed by the beautiful views towards the Ohrid Lake.


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