Church Assumption of the Virgin Mary, village Divle

The church dedicated to the Virgin Mary Assumption is located on the foot of Plakenska mountain, about 25 km (15.6 miles) of Skopje in village Divle.

According to the newly discovered inscription on the north wall of the altar, the church was build and painted in 1604.

As patrons appear unknown landlords, whose portraits are painted on the south wall. The first thing it can be noticed is the cloths of the landlords, which they differ from those known from an aristocratic portraits of the period to the fourteenth century. Clothing is simple without rich decorations.

Only the two horn cap of the ruler, and the colorfull hat of his wife, together with the large ear pieces, point out to their origin. The model of the church, which they hold between them is a single-nave church, which is exactly the way it was built.
In the second half of the nineteenth century the church was repaired and painted again. Partially old frescoes were discovered in 1958.
Around the church is a small building of the inn, raised, probably, in the nineteenth century.


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