St. Nikola (Св. Никола, St. Nicholas) Church in village Gradesnica, Mariovo

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The church St. Nikola (Св. Никола, St. Nicholas) is the main church in the village Gradesnica (Градешница, Gradeshnica), one of the most beautiful villages in the Mariovo region, located 52 kilometers from Bitola.
Village Gradeshnica is known as a village with a rich Christian tradition and in the nineteenth century, particularly in its second half, in Gradesnica intensely begun work on renovations of the churches, including the church “St. Nikola”.
Above the back side of door, there is inscription which says that the church was restored in 1863, but since when was the old church, it is not known. During the First World War, the church St. Nicholas suffered great damages as the village Gradesnica, in which almost every house was demolished.

The church is built of solid material, it was repaired in 1923, and the frescos were restored in 1927 by the painter Kosta Nikolic (Коста Николиќ) with his sons Jakim (Јаким) and Todosija (Теодосија), born in the village Lazaropole. According to the data, the church was consecrated in the same year by the Bishop of the diocese of Bitola Joseph (Јосиф).
The church “St. Nicholas” is the central church in village Gradeshnica in which residents perform all Christian traditions. Recently it has been revived and the porch was renovated.

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