Church St. Sofia (Sveta Sofija, Света Софија) in Ohrid

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Church St. Sofia in Ohrid is one of the most significant monuments of medieval art and architecture in Macedonia.

There is no precise historical data about the construction of the church. According to some, the present church was built on an older cult site. There are opinions that the old church probably existed in the time of Tsar Samuel, but for an unknown reason it was ruined and the later the church of St. Sofia was built during the time of Archbishop Lav (Leo) I (1035-56).

Church St. Sofia is one of the largest medieval churches in Macedonia and for long time is cathedral church of the Ohrid Archbishopric.

During Turkish rule, the church St. Sofia was transformed into a mosque. The act of transformation of the church into a mosque, was likely due to rebellion of Archbishop Dorotej (Dorotheus) against the Turkish authorities.
After the transformation of church Saint Sophia into a mosque, its exterior and interior appearance were changed and adapted to Muslim service. Then iconostasis completely lost his native look.

At the north side of the outer porch was built minaret, which was crumbled in 1912.
At the north side of the church, somewhere in the nineteenth century, the Turks have built an open porch using stone columns from other ruined buildings.
Later additions, repairs, test of time, and the consequences of earthquakes, took the church Saint Sofia in a very unenviable position.

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