Churches and Monasteries in Macedonia

Macedonia is known for its large number of churches and monasteries built at different time periods, most of which are preserved in its entirety today. These temples have preserved a large number of testimonies of the rich Christian tradition existing in these territories. The list presented here is not complete, but is constantly updated with new entries.

Veljusa Monastery near Strumica, Macedonia

Veljusa Monastery near Strumica

Veljusa Monastery is located at ...
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St. Nicholas church in Veles

St. Nicholas church in Veles

The small church of St ...
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St. Dimitrij monastery in Veles, Macedonia

St. Dimitrij Monastery in Veles city

The monastery St. Dimitrij (Св.Димитриј, ...
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Sv Petka Veles Macedonia

St. Petka church in Veles

The church St. Petka (Св ...
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Sv Ilija - Dojran, Makedonija

St. Elijah (Св. Илија) church in Dojran

St. Elijah (Св. Илија) church ...
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St. George church, Smilevo, Demir Hisar, Macedonia

St. George (Св. Ѓорѓи) church in Smilevo

St. George (Св. Ѓорѓи) church ...
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St. Nikola, vevcani, Macedonia

St. Nikola, Vevcani

The church dedicated to Saint ...
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sv atanas ljubojno

St. Atanas, Ljubojno, Prespa Region

The church St. Atanas is ...
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01 dobromirevo manastir

Dobromirovo Monastery, Slepce, Demir Hisar

The Monastery St. Mary Dobromirovo ...
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kalishta struga 02

Kalishta Monastery (Манастир Калишта) near Struga

Kalishta Monastery Kalishta Monastery complex ...
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Holy Transfiguration church in Prilep (Свето Преображение)

Church Holy Transfiguration (Свето Преображение) ...
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Holy Annunciation (Свето Благовештение) – Church in Prilep

Church Holy Annunciation (Свето Благовештение) ...
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Cebren (Чебрен) – Monastery complex in Mariovo

Cebren (Чебрен, Chebren) monastery complex ...
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St. Mary – Monastery in Novaci

The monastery is located 1km ...
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St. lija (Elijah) Banjani

North-west of Skopje, on Banjska ...
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St. Nikola Shishevo, Matka

The church of St. Nikola ...
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St. Nikola v. Ljuboten, Skopje

The church dedicated to St ...
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St. Atanasie (Св. Атанасие), v. Sisevo

Nearby village Sisevo (Шишево) is ...
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Sv. Arhangeli village Kuceviste

The church dedicated to St ...
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Holy Salvation Church in Skopje

The church Holy Salvation (Св ...
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Saint Panteleimon in Nerezi

On 8 kilometers (~13 miles) ...
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sv joakim osogovski kriva palanka

Joakim Osogovski – Monastery in Kriva Palanka

Monastery Joakim Osogovski on the ...
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