Clock Tower in Skopje

In the yard north of Hjunkjar Mosque of Sultan Murat II, rises six sided clock tower, erected in the middle of the sixteenth century (1566-1572) in Skopje.

The clock mechanism in the tower was brought from Hungary, after the capture of the city Siget by the Turks.
The travler writers Evliya Çelebi, Haji Kalfa etc.. mention the Clock Tower in their writings – that it was basically hexagonal, and its upper part was wooden construction.
After the fire of 1689 the tower suffered damages.
In 1904 the wooden construction of the upper part was replaced with a solid material – brick and was then mounted a new clock mechanism, which measured the time “ala turka” until recently.
In 1963 during the Skopje earthquake, the clock tower was damaged again, and later it was repaired and brought to the original state, but without the clock mechanism, which was alianated.

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