Daut Pasha Hamam in Skopje

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Daut Pasha Hamam is located near the Stone Bridge in Skopje, in the old part of the City. It is one of the most famous monuments of the Islamic profane architecture in Macedonia.

Year of construction of the monument is not known, but is thought to be the work of Daut Pasha, who built it in the second half of the fifteenth century, between 1489 to 1497. Then Daut Pasha stayed in Skopje and occupied the position of great vizier of Rumelia and erected the Hamam with his own funds.
During the fire in 1689 the Hamam was damaged and was left gradually to decay.

In 1948 there has been a restoration of the premises, housing there an art gallery.
During the earthquaqe in 1963, the Hamam was not significantly damaged.
Today, Daut Pasha amam is used as an art gallery and within is located the headquarters of the National Gallery of Macedonia.

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