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Debar Lake – Spilje (Дебарско Езеро – Шпилје)

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Debar Lake – Spilje (Дебарско Езеро – Шпилје) is artificial lake built in the valley of the river Crn Drim (Црн Дрим).

The dam was built in 1969, and it is filled with stone and gravel and with a clay core.
The total height of the dam from foundation to crown is 112 meters, and height above the ground is 101 m. The crown of the dam is located at a height of 587 m, it is 300 m long, and the width of the crown is 10 m. The lake is 23 km long, greatest width is 2.2 km and 0.6 km average. It covers an area of 12.2 km2, and it accumulates 520 million m3. The main purpose of the water is power generation (70 MW), irrigation of 1,980 ha of agricultural land in Debar Field (Дебарско Поле), fishing, tourism and recreation.

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