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Dojran Lake Macedonia

Dojran (Дојран) Municipality, Macedonia

Dojran Мunicipality is located in the southern part of the Republic of Macedonia. Located on the shores of Lake Dojran through which the east side is bordered by Greece, situated between the mountains Belasica (1883 m. a.s.l.) to the north, Krusa Mountain (860) and Karabalija (697 meters a.s.l) on the west.

Dojran, Macedonia


Dojran, Macedonia


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Dojran Lake Macedonia - boat


Dojran city center, Macedonia


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Dojran municipality is composed of 13 administrative units: New Dojran, Star Dojran, Sretenovo, Furka, Crnichani, Nikolic, Kurtamzali, Gjopcheli, Sevendekli, Organdzhali, Dzhumabos, and Chaushli.


Dojran Lake Macedonia


The municipality of Dojran is distant from Skopje 166 km, Gevgelija 38 km, 45 km from Strumica, and from Thessaloniki in Greece 81 km.

The nearest airport is Thessaloniki airport (100 km), while the Skopje Airport is at 141 km. The nearest port is the port of Thessaloniki in Greece, which is 81 km away.

The distance from the nearest rail is 38 km and is located in Gevgelija.


Dojran Lake Macedonia



Dojran Facts

Dojran city info and location

 dojran-logoDojran facts

Where is Dojran: South East Macedonia
Area: 132 km2
Population: 3.426
Elevation: 148 m (485 ft)
Dialing code: +389 34
Postal code: 1487
Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)   /  Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
Celebration day: November 5th
Coordinates: 41°10′45″N 22°43′29″E