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Dojrana Monument in Star Dojran

According to legend, Dojrana was a beautiful girl who lived in the place where today is Star Dojran. At that time, there was no lake, but only a water spring placed in a beautiful and fertile valley.

Dojrana was noticed by Ottoman Bey who fell in love with her and asked her to marry him, but she refused.

Dojrana Monument in Old Dojran - back view

One day when Dojrana went to the spring to fill water, the Bey followed her with intention to grab her. Realizing what would happen, Dojrana jumped into the spring and drowned.
The next day the water from the spring started to spill over, and for a short time flooded the whole valley, transforming it into a beautiful lake, as beautiful as Dojrana. In her honor, the locals called the lake – Dojran Lake.

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