Double church dedicated to St. George and St Nicholas (Св.Ѓорѓија и Св.Никола) in village Suv Orah


The two nave church with two sided apses on the east façade, after its architectural construction, represents a rare and perhaps unique example in the territory of Balkan Peninsula.

The interior of the church is divided into two arcades crossing the southern and northern nave. Naves are vaulted with the semicircular arch.
The church originates from the end of the XVI or the beginning of the XVII century. In the north aisle are painted scenes of Christ’s sufferings, and in the south, scene of the major holidays. Mural painting in the north nave is older, dating from the same time as the building of the church, and the south aisle of the more recent period, from 1873.

Both arches have tall wooden iconostasis from 1893. Characteristic are the south aisle doors, because according woodcarving technique, they originate from the second half of the XVI century, from the Skopje – Prizren workshop.

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