Ecotourism in Macedonia

Republic of Macedonia is famous destination for Ecotourism (Rural Tourism). There are many eco clean locations in Macedonia suitable for rest and relaxation. Here only a small part of these locations are presented, with intention of constant improvement of this section of our website.

Bukovo village - Bitola municipality - Macedonia

Bukovo village near Bitola

Bukovo village is located in the southern part of the Municipality of Bitola at an altitude of 770 m a.s.l ...
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Smilevo village panorama - Demir Hisar Municipality, Macedonia

Smilevo village – historic, revolutionary, natural, healing

Smilevo village also known for Smilevo Congress and Ilinden Uprising is the birthplace of the Macedonian national hero Damjan (Dame) ...
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Shtavica Macedonia

Little Hollywood – Village Shtavica near Prilep

Shtavica (Штавица) village, also known as Little Hollywood, is Macedonian village where some of the most famous Macedonian movies directed ...
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slivnica village 01

Slivnica village near Prespa Lake

Slivnica village is located at the foot of the western side of the Baba Mountain, near the eastern shore of ...
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Gradesnica (Gradeshnica) village in Mariovo + Photo Gallery

Gradesnica village - Mariovo region Gradesnica village in Mariovo, the birthplace of one of the most famous Macedonian folk characters ...
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01 zovik bridge mariovo

Zovich (Зовиќ) village in Mariovo with the beautiful Movie Bridge

Zovich village (Зовиќ, Бзовиќ) is located in the Municipality of Novaci, 50 km from Bitola in Mariovo region. Near the village ...
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Ljubojno village, Resen Municipality, Macedonia - Traditional architecture

Ljubojno (Љубојно) – a village you will surely “fall in love” with

Ljubojno village Ljubojno village is located in the southern part of the Municipality of Resen, about 2 km east of ...
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Brajcino village Prespa region, Macedonia

Brajcino (Брајчино) – village at the foot of Baba Mountain, near Prespa Lake

Brajcino village Village Brajcino (Brajčino, Macedonian: Брајчино) is located at 4 km from Lake Prespa, and is situated at the ...
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