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Feudal Tower in Skopje

In the new part in Skopje, are preserved remains of an old Turkish feudal tower, probably built at the end of XVII or beginning of the XVIII century.

The tower has a foursquare foundation (7,5 x 7,5 meters), 14 meters high, and up to the roof, the structure is well preserved. It is built of large stone blocks of processed limestone, and the upper part is made of bricks in the form of teeth. A single entry in the tower is on the north side.

The windows of the tower are not equally addressed. The northern and eastern side had balconies, as ascertained from the wreckage of consoles. The internal layout of the tower can be seen that had three floors connected by stone stairs. Stairs from the first floor are well preserved.

Old Skopje people remember that around the tower existed threshing floor, where the feudal lord had collected agricultural products.