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Gevgelija (Гевгелија) city, Macedonia

Gevgelija is a city in Gevgelija-Valandovo valley with 15,685 inhabitants (2002). It is located on the right side of the river Vardar and the Macedonian-Greek border in the plain part of the eponymous valley.

Near the city from the east side passes the European route E-75. In the same direction leads the railway line.

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The city is located at an altitude of 60 m and covers an area of 705 ha. Gevgelija has a modified Mediterranean climate with an average annual air temperature of 14.2 ° C (57.6 F).

The main hydrographic object is Konjska Reka which flows through the city center, and on the east side passes the river Vardar. 4 km from the city in the village Negorci, the Negorski Bath is located.

Today’s city was developed from a small settlement in the second half of the nineteenth century. In 1863 in the neighborhood there were only about 60 houses.

The name comes from the word dzevgar – two oxen or dzevgelija – plowed field. Its rapid development begins after the construction of the railway line Thessaloniki – Skopje in 1873. In 1886 becomes kaza and is declared a city. In 1894 in Gevgelija is built one of the first factories in Macedonia, the silk factory known as “Filatura”.

Silk manufacture was the main occupation of the population. At the end of the nineteenth century, Gevgelija had about 4,400 inhabitants, from which 3,000 inhabitants were Macedonians, 1,200 Turks, and Cerkezi, and some Vlachs and Jews.

During the First World War because of the war destruction, and in the period between the two world wars as a city located on the country border, the economy in the city declined and also the population.


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Old photos and postcards from Gevgelija

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In 1921 in Gevgelija lived only 2878 inhabitants. Accelerated development the city experienced from 1948 onwards.

In 2002 Gevgelija had 15,685 inhabitants. Of these 15,060, or 96% were Macedonians. Among minorities dominate Serbs, followed by Vlachs, Turks, and Roma.

Gevgelija is the seat of the Municipality of Gevgelija, which covers an area of 48,343 ha, there are 17 settlements with 22,988 inhabitants. Built hydro systems allowed expansive development of gardening and viticulture. From industrial facilities in Gevgelija a canning factory cooler “Zora” more small textile factories, high-frequency ceramic factory, a winery with a processing capacity of 8,000 tons of grapes, poultry farm and other small industrial facilities. Among the representative objects in the city also is the Princess Gevgelija hotel and casino (Rama da Plaza Hotel).

The city has Gymnasium, Work University, and National Museum with ethnological, historical and archaeological department.

Near Gevgelija, on the left side of the Vardar river on Vardar Hill, ancient Macedonian settlement was discovered, which existed before, during and after the reign of Alexander the Great.


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Gevgelija Facts

Gevgelija facts


Where is Gevgelija:
South East Macedonia
48,343 ha
60 m (196 ft)
Modified Mediterranean
Dialing code:
+389 34
Postal code:
Time Zone:
Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
Celebration day:
November 7th
41°8′0″N 22°24′0″E

Municipality of Gevgelija
Address:  Dimitar Vlahov 4, 1480 Gevgelija
Phone: +389 34 213 899
Fax: +389 34 213 899