You are currently viewing Grigor Prlichev (Григор Прличев) – memorial house – Ohrid, Macedonia

Grigor Prlichev (Григор Прличев) – memorial house – Ohrid, Macedonia

The native house of Grigor Prlichev in Ohrid was probably built in the first decades of the XIX century and had a courtyard on the south side overlooking the Ohrid Lake. The house later was ruined, until 1997, when an initiative started to restore it to its authentic location.
The foundation stone was laid in 1998 and two years later the memorial house dedicated to Grigor Prlichev was opened.

Donors for the restoration of the house were the famous businessman from Skopje Mincho Jordanov and his wife Jelica. Author of the project for restoration was the architect Mitko Paskali.
In the house there is a museum setting and area for organization of cultural manifestations.
Currently, the facility is under management of NI Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum-Ohrid.


  • “Grigor Prlicev” street no. 66, 6000 Ohrid
  • Opening hours: Opens on demand for organized visits and manifestations