Havzi Pasha Hospices (Bardovci) in Skopje


Havzi Pasha hospices (inns) in Bardovci were built in the first half of the nineteenth century, probably between 1830 to 1845, because Havzi Pasha became pasha of Skopje somewhere in 1820 and in 1845 he left Skopje, and shortly afterwards died.

After the Balkan wars and First World War, some of the buildings were severely damaged, while the main buildings were preserved.

This condition is maintained until the end of World War II.
Hospices in Bardovci present one of the most prominent monuments of residential architecture in the Balkan Peninsula since the feudal arrangement; those in the Ottoman Empire survived until the nineteenth century.

There are no data for the builders and master builders of residential quarters.
In recent years the Havzi Pasha Hospices  are transwormed into a movie city, according to the project of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Macedonia, and within some of the scenes of the movie “Third Half” by Darko Mitrevski were recorded.


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