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How to get to Macedonia

Find the information for your safest arrival in Macedonia. Choose the most appropriate way for your trip.

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How to Get to Macedonia By Air

In Macedonia exist two airports, which serve flights to and from most of Europe’s major airports.

Skopje International Airport

The Skopje International Airport is located 23 km (14 miles) from Skopje city center. It is the main airport in the Republic of Macedonia, serving flights from all Europe major destinations, and through them to all over the world.

From the airport to Skopje you can travel by Bus or you can rent a car or Taxi. Updated information you can find on Skopje Airport Website.

St. Paul the Apostle Airport, Ohrid

St. Paul the Apostle airport is located 9 km (5.6 miles) from the most popular tourist destination in Macedonia, the city of Ohrid, placed near one of the oldest natural lakes in the world – The Ohrid Lake. More info you can find on the St. Paul the Apostle Airport Macedonia official website.

How to get to Macedonia by car

Foreign visitors can enter Macedonia trough some of the national roads sections from Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania.

Road section Total (km) Asphalt
M-1 Border with Serbia (Tabanovce) – Kumanovo – Miladinovce – Veles -Gevgelija -border with Greece (Bogorodica)   (E-75) 178,430 km
M-2 Kumanovo (connection with D.Konjarevo) – Rankovce – Kriva Palanka-border with Bulgaria (Deve Bair) ( E-871) 73.574 km
M-3 Crossroad Petrovec (connection withM1) – Hippodrome- Skopje – crossroad Momin Potok- border with Serbia (Blace)   (part trough E-65) 39.650 km
M-4 Crossroad Miladinovce (connection withM1) – Hippodrome – Skopje – crossroad Momin Potok-Tetovo – Gostivar- Kicevo – Podmolje -Struga-border with Albania (Kafasan) (part. trough E-65=162,981km and E-852=19,865 km 193.614 km
M-5 Crossroad Podmolje (connetion with M4) – Ohrid – Resen – Bitola – Berovci – connection with R526 before Prilep) – Veles – (Babauna) – pay toll Utovica- “Kriva Krusa “(connection withR526) -Stip -Kocani – Delcevo -border with Bulgaria(Zvegor) 310.269 km


Get to Macedonia by Bus

The main Bus station in Macedonia located in the capital Skopje has established bus connections with many of the European destinations. For updated information visit the website of Skopje Bus Station.

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Get to Macedonia by Train

For detailed and updated information for getting in Macedonia by train, visit the official website of the Macedonian Railway Company.