Isa Bey Mosque in Skopje

Isa Bey Mosque is located near Bit Pazar in Skopje. Raised by Isa Bey, son of Ishak Bey, the founder Aladja (Sarena, Colorful) mosque in 1475.

According to inscription, the mosque was built after his death, as a legacy.
Unlike the others, Isa Bey Mosque is an interesting building which has two domes, covered with lead.
It is built from carved limestone, with horizontally ordered bricks. Facades at its upper part, end with a double row wreaths derived in the form of a zigzag. From the northern and southern side are later added premises, with which is decreased the visibility inside the mosque.
Before the entrance of the mosque is located porch pillars with five smaller domes.
The 1963 earthquake damaged parts have been reconstructed and repaired.