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Jablanica Mountain

Jablanica is a mountain in the southwestern part of Republic of Macedonia, between Ohrid-Struga and Debar Valley. The mountain along the ridge extends along the Macedonian-Albanian border.

The highest peak is “Crn Kamen” (Black Stone – 2,258 m), and other famous peaks are Strizhak (2,233 m), Krstec (2,186 m) and Chumin Vrv (2,125 m).

Jablanica mountain - Macedonia
The mountain can be reached trough Vevcani, which is at the foot of the mountain.
Jablanica is home to four glacial lakes and is rich in water, chestnut, oak and beech forest.
The mountain abounds with mountain pastures and is visited by a large number of tourists.
From Vevcani, towards the highest peak – Crn Kamen, there are three marked paths.

Jablanica Mountain - Macedonia

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