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Kichevo (Кичево) city, Macedonia

Kicevo is a city in the western part of the Republic of Macedonia with 27,067 inhabitants (2002). Located in the southern part of Kicevo valley, around Kale, at an altitude of about 620 m.

Through Kicevo passes highway M-4 which on the north connects it with Gostivar, and with Ohrid on the south. The regional road west through Jama is connected to Debar and east along the valley Treska with Makedonski Brod.

From Skopje via Tetovo and Gostivar to Kicevo leads railroad line.

The city covers an area of 906 ha, it has changed continental climate with an average annual air temperature of 10.7 ° C (51.26 F) and an average annual rainfall of 762 mm.

Kicevo is an old city. For the first time under the name Kicavis is mentioned in 1018 as a settlement in Ohrid Archbishopric. Developed around the fort which has remains of the Pre-Sav period. The city much progressed in the XVIII century when Kicevo became the seat of the Casa.

At the beginning of the XX c. population grew to 4.844 inhabitants, however, after the Balkan wars, with the eviction of the Turks, in Kicevo left to live only about 1,000 residents.

Kicevo old photo

Kicevo old photo

Kicevo old photo

Kicevo old photo

Old postcards from Kicevo

11 Old Kicevo

Kichevo rapidly developed in the second half of the last century, when from 9.567 inhabitants in 1953, the population increased to 27,067 in 2002. Of these 15,031 inhabitants are Macedonians, 7.641 Albanian, 2.406 Turks, Roma 1.329, and a small number of Vlachs and Serbs.

Kicevo is the seat of the Municipality of Kicevo which covers an area of 4914 ha, has seven settlements with 30,138 inhabitants. The main industries in the city are metal, electro, wood, ceramics, and textiles. The town has a high school, home of culture, a museum and a health center. In the village Vranestica brick and tile factory are located. In village Oslomej coal mine and thermal power plant are located, in the village Tajmiste iron ore mine, and in the village Cer marble mine.


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Where is Kicevo: West Macedonia

  • Area: 4914 ha,
  • Elevation: 620 m (2034 ft)
  • Population: 30,138
  • Climate: Changed continental
  • Dialing code: +389 45
  • Postal code: 6250
  • Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)    Summer (DST):CST (UTC+2)
  • Celebration day: September 11th
  • Coordinates: 41°31′04″N 20°57′56″E

Municipality of Kicevo