Korab Мountain (Кораб планина)

Korab is mountain in western Macedonia on the border with Albania. On Korab mountain is the highest peak in Macedonia – Golem Korab, with height of 2.764 meters. Besides Golem Korab, other famous peaks are: Korab 2 (2,753 m), Korab 3 (2,745 m), Mala Korapska Vrata (2,727 m), Radomirski Vrh (2,716 m), Mali Korab (2,683 m), Kepi Bard (2,617 m ), Crna Chuka (2,572 m), Bel Vrv (2,532 m), Boazi (2,510 m), Beli Jami (2,494 m), Shuply Kamen (2,440 m) and others.

On Korab there are several highlands, among which are “Kobilino Pole” on the Macedonian and “Radomirsko Pole” on the Albanian side.

Korab Mountain has many watercourses and impressive waterfalls. The largest is the waterfall “Dlabok Dol” with 130 m, which is also considered the largest waterfall in Republic of Macedonia.

Every year on Golem Korab in the beginning of September, a traditional international march is held on the occasion of the September 8 – Independence Day of Macedonia.

Photos: Zivko Najdovski…

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