Kozjak Mountain – Macedonian Mountains

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Kozjak (Козјак) is mountain with medium height in the southern part of Macedonia in Mariovo region. Located between the mountains “Nidze” and “Kozuf”, it extends from “Crna Reka” (Black River) to the north in a meridian direction to the Macedonian-Greek border in the south.

The highest peak is “Baltova Chuka” (1,823 m), and other famous peaks are: “Golem Kozjak” (1,814 m), “Perum” (1,807 m), “Perun” (1,703 m), “Durov Kamen” (1,569 m), “Meshnik” (1,470 m), “Zelka” (1,426 m) and others.

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Kozjak Mountain is more branched to the west where the “Skrka” ridge is located with the peak “Pandele” (1.344 m).

Panoramic view from the peak “Pandele”

Among the most important places is “Tribor” (1.406 m), through which the Prilep and Kavadarci part of Mariovo communicate. Kozjak mountain abounds with many forests, where black pine is particularly present.

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