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Kozuv mountain

Kozuf is a mountain on the border between Macedonia and Greece with highest peak “Zelen Breg ” (Зелен Брег) – 2.171 meters. Other peaks higher than 2,000 meters are “Pinovon” (2.156 m), “Duditsa” (2.132 m), “Porta” (2.112 m), “Moreto” (2.102 m), “Markovo Ezero” (2.035m) and “Mala Rupa” (2.004m).

Kozuf Mountain covers an area of 893 km2, of which about 80% are in Macedonia, while the remaining 20% are in the territory of the Republic of Greece. It extends in southwest-northeast direction.
Kozuf Mountain abounds with water potential and springs of numerous rivers. The river “Došnica” is one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in Macedonia, in which trout, crab, chub, and other species exist.

Kozuf mountain is a habitat for lynxes and bears as rare and protected species.

The flora is rich in various species, but the most attractive are the medicinal herbs and the tree (Arbutus andrachne) also known as the “naked man”, which is protected by law. The “naked man” is an endemic species of evergreen tree whose crust is red and scaly, and which changes twice a year. It is gentle like the human skin and hence the folk name of the tree.

At an altitude of 850 meters, the site “Smrdliva Voda”, known for its mineral water source with a specific fragrance and medicinal properties, is used to treat diseases of the stomach and kidneys.
Kozuv mountain on an area of 2,000 hectares, has a modern ski resort with two ski lifts, with a capacity of 3,000 skiers per hour, one six-seater (the only one of this type in the Balkans), a restaurant, apartments and ski trails in length of 16 km.