Macedonia FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions about Macedonia


Where is Macedonia:

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Republic of Macedonia is located in the central part of the Balkan peninsula in South-East Europe. Macedonia is surrounded by land from all sides and it borders with Serbia and Kosovo from North, Greece from South, Bulgaria from East, Albania from West. Geo coordinates: 40º51’16” / 42º22’21” N
20º27’32” / 22º18’04” E


Area of Macedonia:

25.713 km2 (equals 6% of the territory of EU-25). Hills and mountains occupy 80 % of the territory of Republic of Macedonia, plains 18% and natural lakes 2 % of the total area. Macedonia can roughly be divided in three areas: East Macedonia, Central Macedonia or Povardarie and West Macedonia.
Population of Macedonia:    

2 059 794


Language of Macedonia



Capital of Macedonia:




Parlamentary republic


Currency in Macedonia:

Macedonian denar (MKD)


Driving side in Macedonia:



Time in Macedonia:
CET (UTC+1)  / Summer (DST) CEST(UTC+2)


Calling code for Macedonia:



Internet TLD


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