Macedonia – interesting facts about Macedonia

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There are many historical and archaeological findings that have confirmed the numerous facts of great importance to the Balkans, Europe and the world originating from Macedonia.

Here are some of those unique and distinctive interesting facts about Macedonia:

  • Ancient Macedonia was the first organized state in the Balkans and beyond that had established borders;

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Philip II

  • The Macedonian Phalanx was the most disciplined and trained army armed with long spears unknown until that time. It fought for several decades, often fighting battles with armies that outnumbered them by several times, but they didn’t lose a battle;


  • Ancient Macedonia, as the first European empire, introduced specific objectives and behaviors towards the oppressed peoples, such as: respect for the cultures of those conquered: absence of violence and plunder of those who voluntarily agreed to join the Empire; establishing specific national characteristics and organizing special defense on its territories;


  • Macedonians were the first people in Europe to accept Christianity as their religion which was later spread throughout Europe and to Asia;


  • Saints Cyril and Methodij were brothers who came from Macedonia and translated Christian religious texts using the Glagolic alphabet which they had devised, and that alphabet had its roots in Macedonia as well.

ohrid-macedonia- 4


  • The first Macedonian (Slavic Speaking) University was opened in Ohrid from which, in addition to Christianity, a special Macedonian culture was developed and spread;

Ohrid Plaosnik

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